Ground zero flag and pin awarded to Tom Clarke

Maple Lake contractor Tom Clarke holds a flag and pin he received from the New York City Fire Department for his volunteer efforts at Ground Zero in the weeks after the Sept. 11 terrorist assault.

Clark, a former New York firefighter, was awarded one of the flags that flew over Ground Zero during the rescue and clean-up efforts. The pin is the first medal of commendation created in the history of the New York Fire Department. Two star pins were presented to survivors of the assault, one star went to those who worked on the World Trade Center “pile” and a plain pin went to firefighters who were on the job at the time of the World Trade Center tragedy. Clarke’s pin has one star.

Clarke’s cousin, F.D.N.Y. captain Stephen Spall, inscribed the flag with the words “This flag was presented to my cousin, Tom Clarke, who postponed his life to help save others at the World Trade Center.  “And it is also presented to his wife, Jodi Clarke, who had the courage to let him go.”

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