Dogs used again in search for Joshua Guimond

After an appeal made by the family of Joshua Guimond to the Stearns County Board of Commissioners earlier this month, the search for the missing St. John’s junior resumed this week with a considerable amount of activity.

On Sunday, dogs from North Star Search and Rescue and Canine Search Services were brought in by the Stearns County Sheriff’s Department for seven hours of tracking around the Stumpf Lake area. Stumpf Lake was on the path Joshua would have taken to return to his campus apartment on November 9 and has been the focus of much of the Sheriff’s Department search activity.

In addition to the dogs, a sonar unit operated by Ken Anderson of Emergency Support Services was also used on Stumpf Lake.

Joshua’s father, Brian, said the results of Sunday’s effort were inconclusive. “The dogs were showing interest,” he said. “But the sonar didn’t find anything that they would put divers in for.”

On Tuesday, the Sheriff’s Department initiated a dragging effort on the lake from the walk bridge to the south portion of the lake. Paul Guimond, Brian’s brother, was interviewed about the activity by news crews from KSTP-5 and KARE-11

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