MLHS graduate sees duty in Kuwait

Dawnal Meyer, a 2000 graduate of Maple Lake High School, is currently stationed in Kuwait.

According to her mother and stepfather, Katheleen and Gary Miller, Meyer left in early April as an Army Specialist in charge of medical supplies.

Katheleen said a recent letter from Dawnal provided a look inside life for the service men and women in the Middle East  “Dawnal said that they are working all the time,” Katheleen said. “She said it is a good experience because you learn just how tough a person is. They try to stop in the hottest part of the day and find shade. The water, which they try to drink as much as possible, is hot.

“She says the people there are all working soooo hard and she’s very proud.”

Katheleen said Dawnal asked that folks back home write to her and any other soldiers they know as often as possible. Dawnal’s address is: SPC Meyer, Dawnal, K., 571st Med. Co, Unit 92698, APO., AE, 09323-2698.  Soldiers can also receive packages, but Katheleen said they can be no bigger than a shoebox. Among the prized items to send are lotions and hypo allergenic laundry detergent. “Any of those personal things we all take for grant, Dawnal says they are all happy to get.

“Keep her and her fellow soldiers in your prayers,” Katheleen said. “They are working to bring a people back to a democratic government without the terrors or fears they were living with.”

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