Flossie Menth named Outstanding Senior Woman

For the second consecutive year, a Maple Lake resident has been selected as the Wright County Outstanding Senior Woman.

It was announced this week that Florence ‘Flossie’ Menth was chosen from nominees throughout the county for this year’s award. Last year, Leona Hexum of Maple Lake received the same honor.

“I’m humbled,” Flossie said. “I”m sure there must be somebody else in Wright County that does more than I do.”

Selected as the 2003 Outstanding Senior Man was Jerry Moberg of Monticello. Chosen as runners-up were LaVerne Nelson of Delano and Kenneth Ernesti of Buffalo.

The eligibility criteria for the selection of the outstanding seniors is that they are Minnesota residents and must be 70 years of age by August. The judges look for leadership, diversity of accomplishments and variety of services performed.  Flossie Menth is 81 years young and has been a valuable part of her community all her life. Below is what she has done in our community to be the Outstanding Woman for the year 2003:

Maple Lake Senior Connections--She attends the meetings and helps with the Schoolseum project, displaying Maple Lake history, and she gathered class history from the students. She has helped with the Veterans Day program and been in the color guard events. She has helped with the school lyceum and has been a teacher’s assistant, helping where needed. She has also helped with volunteer services with raising needed money and with the “America Always Faithful” book, which had veteran testimonies gathered by students.  Church--She is an active member of St. Timothy’s Catholic Church. She is involved in the Council of Catholic Women, quilting club, helps with fund-raisers and funeral dinners and gives rides to church when needed.

Senior Citizens--She has visited with clients at Park View Care Center and coordinates the monthly senior dances; also serves at V.F.W. lunches.

Civic Organizations--She has been the V.F.W. Adjutant for 8 years and the American Legion Treasurer for 11 years. She is a member of the American Legion Auxiliary and has helped at all their fund-raisers and benefits. She helps with annual programs such as Festival of Nations Day.  Community--Flossie has helped with the local Community Theater from being a color guard when they did a patriotic review, to program preparations and spurring on others to attend the plays. She helps with “Make a Difference Day” in the school and has helped with the all-city garage sale for purposes of fund-raising. She has helped with Mystery Theater by helping with the preparations and then attending the event. She has worked at the local bloodmobile when it comes to her area.

V.F.W. Club--Florence served in WWII as a nurse and her love for her country continues as she is an active member of the V.F.W. Post 7664. She has numerous hours of volunteer work there where she helps with the Senior Citizen dances the V.F.W. Club sponsors on a monthly basis. She served as the Post 7664 Adjutant for many years and still holds that position. She is in the honor guard at nearly all the patriotic functions that take place in and around the Maple Lake community, such as the St. Patrick’s Day parade, the Annandale 4th of July parade, school events and Memorial Day celebrations. She also attends all the meetings held at the club. And when the V.F.W. has their fund-raising, she has sold poppies, worked many hours in the kitchen for the dinners, and was there for whatever project she can help with. And with the quilts she has made, many were donated to the St. Cloud VA Hospital.

Flossie also spends time taking care of her handicapped grandchild.

Barb Menth, her daughter-in-law, said in stopping in to visit her early in April, she found her doing her “volunteer thing”. Normally that would not be out of the ordinary, however, when Flossie was “volunteering” a few weeks earlier she cut the end of her finger off while at the school, using a paper cutter. Difficulties set in after the surgery and she was unable to do many of the daily tasks for weeks, yet that did not stop her, as there she was - typing the minutes for the V.F.W. Club - with one hand, as they had to get done, and it was her job.

Ginger O’Loughlin, who coordinates Senior Connections and nominated her, says, “Florence has been a great asset to the Maple Lake Senior Connections Program, the V.F.W., church, school and her city. Her example and encouragement spark other seniors to get involved and set a beautiful example for our youth. Giving is a natural for Florence, and her sincere compassion for all ages is instrumental. Florence is so refreshing because of her optimistic attitude, wonderful sense of humor and radiating smile. Children at school consider her a part of their family and she is there enough to make that possible. The relationship she has with her own family makes it obvious that she puts them first.”

The Outstanding Seniors and runners-up will be honored at a program at the Wright County Fair on August 1 in Howard Lake.

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