Spolarich takes ninth in state track meet

The Irish track squad sent lone representative, Ashley Spolarich, to compete in the state track meet on Saturday, June 7. Spolarich competed in the triple jump and finished ninth with a mark of 34-feet, 2-inches.

This was her second consecutive appearance in state. Last year she qualified in the high jump. Competing in a new event changed Spolarich’s state experience, “I was really relaxed when competing because there weren’t the expectations I felt with high jump last year. I have only been competing   in triple jump for about the last month so I just wanted to go out there and have a good time.”

The state meet breaks field event athletes into flights with the weaker flight competing first. Spolarich was in the first flight. After her prelim jumps, Spolarich had a mark of 34-feet and found herself on the bubble. She needed two of the girls in the second flight to have worse marks than hers.

Fortunately for Spolarich, two girls did have lower jumps which gave Spolarich the opportunity to improve her mark in the finals. “It was nerve racking to be on the bubble for the final spot in finals. I wanted to be able to compete and better my mark rather than having to wait and watch,” said Spolarich.

In the finals, Spolarich bettered her mark to 34-feet, 2-inches, but still wasn’t hitting the board consistently. Spolarich had difficulty finding her mark on the runway and was jumping behind the board throughout the competition. “It was frustrating to see her jump distances that would have placed her higher in the competition from behind the board,” said jumps   coach Paul Fouquette.

Spolarich echoed that statement, “I wasn’t hitting the board. If I would have been hitting the board, I could have had better marks.”

Overall, it was a satisfying day for Spolarich and the Irish coaching staff. “It was fun to represent Maple Lake when many of the schools in the state meet seem to be from larger towns. It is a great experience to go to state and compete against the other top athletes. All of the races in the state competition are fun to watch. It was a really fun day,” said Spolarich.

Her instant success in the triple jump after only competing in the event for a month, along with her strength in high jump and mid-distance running, allows the track program to dream big about the success they will be experiencing next spring.  

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