Golfers compete at Sections, two girls make the cut for day two

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Both the boys and the girls had their section meets at Pebble Creek on Thursday, May 30. The girls’ tee time was in the morning around 9 a.m. The weather was a bipolar mix of rain and sunshine. The temperamental weather didn’t stop two of the girls golfers from advancing to the second round of sections. The cutoff for the girls was 101. Tabitha Latzig and Vienna Jude both made the cut. Latzig’s score was 96 and Jude had a 98. The boys golfers were luckier with weather, less fortunate with scores. The boys had an afternoon tee time. By then, the weather had mellowed out and it was sunny for the rest of the day. The boys did better than the girls but their cutoff was 86. Aiden Jude missed the cut by one stroke. He had an 87. Jason Pomije missed the cut by three strokes. The two girls move on to the second round of sections, which took place on Monday, June 3. The two golfers from Maple Lake who made it to the second round definitely had better scores than in the first round. Tabitha Latzig, whose previous score was 96, shot an 85 on Monday.
More information and stats appears in this week's Messenger.

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