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To the Editor,
I am aware of the fact that the Mayor and another person intentionally, and without permission, destroyed a tree given to the city and placed on city owned land. This tree, from the revered Cliff Hudek, given in honor of his family and love for the city, was removed without any approval from the family or city. The Mayor admitted this fact during the August 20 city council meeting. City staff were not involved, this was done personally by the Mayor and a close friend of hers as I understand it during the cleanup day to prepare Maple Lake for the State Tournament.
This action constitutes Criminal Damage to property, destruction of Government Property, desecration of a memorial, and just poor judgment. You all will look for this tree during the Christmas season, as it used to be lighted for the season, at the corner of Birch and Division.
I am asking the Sheriff's office to investigate this action of deliberate destruction in the name of cleaning up the city, it was well known by parties involved that this was not their tree and they had no right to destroy the memories it evoked, or get rid of property not belonging to them in this manner.
I call on Mayor Kissock and the other person involved to resign their positions of leadership with the city and wish them good luck with any criminal proceedings.
Council, where are the censures and public humiliation for these criminal acts? John Northenscold, Bart Lauer, Shar Dircks, time to step up and preserve some integrity for the city you serve.
Mike O'Loughlin
Maple Lake
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