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To the Editor,
I am writing in response to Mr. O’Loughlin’s letter from last week.  First, the facts of the matter - Yes, on the day of the Buff up Maple Lake cleanup a group of people (who had volunteered their Saturday to help make the city more presentable for the summer events) discussed and eventually did cut down the tree on the city lot.  I did and do take full responsibility for the actions of the group because that is what a leader should do. 
What I knew of the tree’s origin is that it was donated out of a yard where the tree was no longer needed.  The tree had long been discussed by the City Council, even when Mr. O'Loughlin was mayor, and it had always been the Council's consensus that it should be removed. My approving of the tree's removal was based on that consensus.  It also has not been lit for the holidays for the past few years because of its unhealthy condition.
I did not know the full history of the tree, and while that ignorance was no excuse, I have publicly apologized to the family and to the Council. The new trees being planted at Laker Stadium will be placed in Cliff Hudek’s memory.
Lynn Kissock
Mayor, City of Maple Lake
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