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A little more than eight months ago, I did something that is about to change my life.
In a lot of ways, my life was already changing, but in about 130 hours – when I say, “I do,” – it will cement all those changes. 
Yes, I have it down to the hour. And at this hour, about 5 a.m. Monday, I can’t sleep, so I figured I might as well put the thoughts that are keeping me awake to good use.
I don’t even know where to begin. If you read this space, you already know how I proposed to Sarah. If you missed that column, suffice it to say that she was surprised and nearly speechless, but was somehow still able to say, “Yes.”
Just about every time I’ve met someone new, they ask how Sarah and I met, so I figure I might as well put the story out there before we tie the knot.
My friend, Ryan, one of his coworkers and I were looking to play poker and had decided to visit Grand Falls Casino near Sioux Falls, SD, to do so. Up against people who sat there with hundreds of dollars in chips in front of them, I did not last long. So I decided to try to change my luck on a slot machine or two.
Eventually, I found myself at a Jackpot Block Party machine next to a group of girls and one guy. My luck must have started to change, or I was just playing slow enough, that the gal next to me ran out of money before I did and her friend decided to take her place.
“I hope you win and rub it in your friend’s face,” I said.
“Maybe, but you probably just jinxed me,” she replied.
“Well, if I jinxed you, I’ll buy you a drink,” I promised.
A couple minutes later, I made good on that promise.
We started talking about our jobs, interests, families, etc. Her friends circled the bar to make sure she was OK. My “party” had somehow lost more money than me and had congregated nearby, hinting that it was time to go.
The hints got stronger, so we started to wrap up things.
I had found out that Sarah worked part-time at a bookstore and knew who Dewey Readmore Books was and, for whatever reason, decided to incorporate that into my “closer.”
Thinking it came out smoother, I apparently said something like, “If you ever want a tour of the library where Dewey was from, give me a call,” as I wrote my cell phone number on the back of my business card.
She texted me the next day and I called her that night. Obviously, the conversation progressed past books and library cats.
Speaking of which, I never did give her a tour of the Spencer Public Library.
But, she has given me numerous tours of this area that we are now calling home together.
It’s been an eventful 27 months since we met and an even busier eight months since I proposed.
Hopefully, my head stops spinning just enough for me to get some sleep over the next few days, put together a paper and prepare the next one for when I’m on the honeymoon.
Thankfully, I have great coworkers who will keep the ship going in the right direction when I’m not at the helm.
In a completely unrelated note, I’ve been pleased to see an increased public dialogue on this page. There will never be a day when everyone agrees – thankfully – but putting the conversation out in the open is a great way to work through differences and, hopefully, come up with some sort of solution. At the very least, public dialogue is a sign of a healthy community – especially if it is respectful dialogue, so please keep that in mind.
I do want to note that I received a letter a while back signed by “a Maple Lake taxpayer.” Had it been signed by name, I would have gladly published it. I still will if the writer comes forward. I apologize for not mentioning that sooner.
With all that said, I hope everyone finishes October strong. Hopefully, you’ll see me back in this space for the Oct. 30 paper. (That is if I can pry myself from the beaches of Riviera Maya, Mexico.)
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