Leaders in Educational Excellence

Pictured at the Leaders in Educational Excellence Awards ceremony were Maple Lake Elementary Principal Kris Harlan, LEEA winner Carol Tongen, Maple Lake High School Principal Dave Hansen, LEEA winner Nichole Rengel, Resource Training & Solutions Executive Director Rob Cavanna, LEEA winner Annie Jost, Superintendent Mark Redemske and LEEA winner Amy Voigt.


More than 150 educators from 41 school districts and agencies received the Leadership in Educational Excellence Award on Oct. 30 in St. Cloud and four educators from Maple Lake were among them.
Kindergarten teachers Annie Jost and Carol Tongen represented Maple Lake Elementary, while social worker Nichole Rengel and math teacher Amy Voigt represented Maple Lake High School.
Educators within the district had nominated each award winner. MLE Principal Kris Harlan and MLHS Principal Dave Hansen shared comments from the nominators, as well as themselves.
“Annie demonstrates extraordinary skills in instruction and classroom management,” Harlan said of Jost. “She genuinely cares for every student in her class and works hard to meet them where they are so they all make gains.”
Jost introduced MLE to the SMART Room concept – with SMART standing for Stimulating Maturity through Accelerated Readiness Training – and keeps that space updated.
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