Read makes U.S. House bid official


Jim Read, a political science professor at the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University in Collegeville, has officially filed his candidacy for the U.S. House in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District with the Federal Election Commission.
Read, a resident of Avon, is running for the seat currently held by Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Stillwater, who is retiring.
Read will seek the endorsement of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. No other Democrats have formally filed their candidacies, though Judy Adams, of Circle Pines, has said she is running.
Republicans Tom Emmer, Phil Krinkie, John Pederson and Rhonda Sivarajah are vying for the Republican endorsement.
Read said he got into the race because of the 16-day government shutdown, when Bachmann was the only member of the Minnesota congressional delegation to vote against reopening the government.
“To refuse to fund essential government operations, and threaten default on the national debt unless the other party does what one demands,” Read said, “is an illegitimate political tactic that should never be used again. Such tactics, if successful, would soon be imitated by every political party to get its way on anything.”
“Defaulting on the nation’s debt, as a small minority threatened to do,” Read continued, “would have been far worse than the shutdown, endangering a fragile economic recovery while actually increasing the size of the debt through higher interest and late payment penalties. The way to reduce a deficit is by changing future expenditures and revenues, not by refusing to honor past obligations.”
More information appears in this Week's Messenger.
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