A record-breaking good time

Grace and Gretchen Heying take the Arctic Plunge as gnomes.


North America’s largest ice fishing derby got a little larger on Saturday.
Before the first hole was even drilled, Ice Force had dubbed the Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby as the largest of its kind on the continent.
The 39th annual Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby further substantiated those claims, as an estimated crowd of more than 10,000 took to the ice for the event.
“It was phenomenal,” organizer Nick Olsen said. “It was by far the biggest derby we’ve ever had. We broke every record.”
He thanked everyone who made the record-breaking day a success.
“This is not due to one person, but a serious committee,” Olsen said. “There are 125 volunteers that put this together.”
Festivities got underway with the fifth annual Arctic Plunge, with 45 participants from 15 different entities.
Though the costume contest did not take place, that didn’t keep contestants from plunging in a variety of outfits.
Madigan’s employees were the first to test the water, dressed as “Despicable Me” characters.
Beckah Pipenhagen, of The V by HH, jumped as an Eskimo, contrasted sharply by several others from Buffalo Bar and Grill and Fitness Evolution who opted for Speedos and bikinis.
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