Brute's Bleat: February 26, 2014


I finally got out fishing last week Tuesday and Wednesday before the big storm on Thursday night.  I started out on Maple Lake and didn’t stay there very long when I couldn’t find any sunfish.  I decided to head south, first giving Ramsey a look-see, but the lack of vehicle activity told me to stay off that lake.  Rock looked better with five to six vehicles on the lake and some paths to follow.  The sunfish were biting, but they were small and I decided to move in front of the access and promptly got hung up on some hard drifts.  I drilled one hole in 16-18 feet of water, but didn’t see any activity on the Vexillar and bouncing my jig off the bottom didn’t do any good either. After some shovelling and an application of floor dry behind the four wheels, I managed to get unstuck and continued fishing off to the north. It was difficult to find any keepers and after a couple of hours of frustration I pawned my three fish off to a fellow angler and headed home.  On Wednesday George Palmer came out and we decided to try Lake Constance. We got to the lake about 9:30 a.m. and were surprized there were only a couple of anglers on the lake and one looked like he was more interested in removing his fish house than fishing.  We shared the lake with a bald eagle that seemed to be enjoying scavenging as it was feeding on discarded minnows. There was some mild flooding when we drilled holes, but we found enough sunfish to make a couple of meals.  It took a fair amount of sorting and moving around and I suspect that sunfish were moving around, too.  The locals started to show up in the early afternoon which kind of told me we could have slept in.  It was a good trip for both of us and we had our fish filleted by 3 p.m. The deep snow on the lakes after the 6-8 inches we got Thursday night and the subsequently cold weather may well put my fishing back on hold. Needless to say, the last storm really made a mess of things. I suppose a person should try to find some good, no matter what; the only good I can see in the deep snow is the benefit it has for northern Minnesota’s ruffed grouse population which uses the soft snow to roost in as well as hide from their enemies like owls, and other winged predators.     .      .
*        *        *
An example of Murphy’s Law happened in ML Friday morning when a water main broke on Oak Ave. N while the city maintenance crew was plowing the streets and avenues.  It was a messy east side of County Road 8 for a  while, but I was impressed with how quickly they made the repairs.  Hopefully there won’t be any other problems with water mains, frozen pipes, etc., but I’m thinking about getting a thermometer and checking the temperature of the cold water faucet to see if the frost is getting close to the danger point where a water line might freeze.
*          *         *
Vanna and I had a bald eagle circling us in Ney Park Sunday morning near the nest just off the township road. It looked like it was either just enjoying itself soaring in the clear blue sky or waiting for us to get out of the way so it could fly to its nest. I’m guessing they should be in the egg laying cycle about now.
*         *        *
I visited Sunday afternoon via the telephone with Gary Porter who is recuperating in a Bullhead City, AZ rehabilitation facility from an infection following a hip replacement operation back in Minnesota Nov. 26th for his right hip (his second for that hip). The former MLHS athletic coach and Laker baseball catcher and manager commented the infection landed him in a Las Vegas hospital for nine days and since then he’s been rehabbing for 33 days in Bullhead City while on antibiotics.  He should be back at his two-bedroom condo with his wife, Sandy, by the time this issue is distributed. Gary said they purchased their winter home at 1800 Club House Dr., Unit 17, Bullhead City, AZ 86442 two years ago and he’s anxious to get back there. It’s on the Colorado River which has a variety of fish, including striped bass. He will continue to be on antibiotics, but said he’s getting better each day. He’s mobile and gets exercise each day walking around in and outside of the facility in the 80-degree weather that part of the country has been enjoying.  Always an active person, Gary said he anticipates getting back to umpiring baseball this summer and I suspect the golf course is high on his list, too. 
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