Minnesotan in training: February 26, 2014


I’ve found inspiration in unique places lately.
Take Jeremy Abbott, for example. It’s almost been two weeks since he fell and slammed into the wall like an out-of-control NASCAR driver. I’m guessing he still feels it, even though he was able to get back up and finish his routine.
Then, there’s my graceful boss, Ed Pawlenty. As he wrote a couple weeks ago, he’s been biffing it like a pro lately. I laughed at his stories, mostly because they didn’t happen to me.
But, Sunday, I became the punch line.
Sarah and I decided to get in a workout after church. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who had that idea, as the place was packed and we had to wait for two people to leave to even get on our respective treadmills.
When we run, Sarah tunes into Netflix on her phone, while I watch whatever happens to be on TV and read the subtitles.
Normally, this is not a problem for me. Yeah, my foot may go off the track a bit here or there, but I’m usually able to recover.
That was not the case this time. 
Only 10 minutes into my run, my left foot must have missed the treadmill completely and I went down before I had a chance to redeem myself. 
I landed on my left hand and arm, which didn’t feel too great, but at least I didn’t have any treadmill burn, which I’ve been told can be quite painful.
So, instead of looking around to see who was laughing or showing concern, I hopped up and jumped back on the treadmill, holding onto a bar until I regained my confidence.
I started counting down to the finish line, but Sarah kept moving it out further, as she aimed for five miles. We settled for four and a half miles, which was the most I’d run in four years.
Like guest columnist Jerry Hoem, I’m no Olympian either. But, I’m also not one to let a good life lesson go to waste.
So, the moral of the story is it doesn’t really matter how you fall. Making excuses or looking at others doesn’t change your position in life. You have to get back up and keep moving to do that.
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