The Retiree: April 30, 2014


“Dinner's at five,” said Daughter-in-law (DIL), “because my sisters (S1 and S2) have to work until then. The girls (G1 and G2) will be home, though, so come any time.”
We agreed, since we could eat breakfast, go to church, then eat another breakfast at a youth fundraiser, where we could eat too much.
Also in the entourage would be the sisters' boyfriends (B1 and B2) and DIL's parents (P1 and P2). Son was far away, having been activated by the Navy Reserves, and would spend Easter at a church service in the belly of a huge transport plane. P1 and P2 were separated as well, P1 having just had a heart operation. He was in rehab, presenting many options for conversation. Sounds like a normal Easter, doesn't it?
Another grandgirl (G3) had joined DIL and girls from Wisconsin (WI) where she's attending school, although living in St. Lucia (SL), in the West Indies, but I already used up WI for Wisconsin. She left behind Son-in law and Wife-Daughter, as well as Sister and Brother, but they couldn't attend and thus don't need acronyms.
We (H1 and H2) completed the list of attendees.
A wedding dress discussion took place during which P1, H1, D2, and B1 soaked up sun on the deck, and were given a chance to comment on bridesmaid dresses. We wisely concurred with the women. One learns things like that over the years.
Dinner was at the dining room table, with a counter for overflow (kids). It was great, although the pie was delayed as everyone was full.
Then P1 decided he'd had enough and needed a rest. S1, S2, G2, and DIL all said they'd take him back to the nursing home, but competed to select one to drive and one to help in case P1 fell off his walker, which he wouldn't do anyhow. DIL listened to the competition for awhile, then disappeared to take P1 back, delaying the pie, which was actually critical to the driving decision. The others knew there was a chance that DIL would serve it before they got back.
With DIL gone, G2, G3, and B2 found apps on their smart phones and invented some sort of high-tech contest that we—H1, H2, P1, P2—couldn't figure out. H1 and H2 got G1 to make coffee, even though G2 and S2 had worked at coffee shops. S2 finally cut the pie she'd made at midnight. DIL returned in the nick of time to get a slice. G2 took a nap.
Once I wrote this down, it looked pretty mundane, didn't it? Well, we had a good time, and Easter only happens once a year.
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