Letter to the Editor: May 7, 2014


To the Editor:
I was struck by Senator Bruce Anderson's report to the voters last week. In it, he invoked the Holy Trinity of Republican complaints: they don't like the anti-bullying bill, they don't want to raise the minimum wage and they absolutely oppose any improvement to our health care system. This is why our Wright County representatives wander in the political wilderness; this is why they don't get a seat at the table when policy is being made. Senator Anderson proudly points out that not one Republican voted for these laws. The Republicans need to understand that most Minnesotans don't want political strategy, they want justice. They want justice for a gay student who is bullied so badly that they skip school. They want justice for a full-time worker who cannot earn enough to live decently. We want justice for the family that is destroyed by medical expenses in a system of health care that left almost 50 million Americans behind. 
Sadly, our representatives won't even admit that they oppose these fairness measures. When asked directly they dance, dodge and digress. They insist that they want justice, but they favor a different approach, something that meets their political strategy standards by basically leaving the problem unsolved. 
If you see your Wright County representative this Mother's Day weekend, give them a hug. Tell them that the way out of their anger and disappointment is to care about each and every Minnesota citizen, no exceptions.
John Deitering
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