Pawlenty to Talk About: July 23, 2014


Yeehaw!!! Summer finally got here. Hopefully, she will stay a little later for us this fall so we can enjoy the lakes a bit longer. I don’t know about you all, but this summer seems to be flying by exceptionally fast with so few opportunities to do the fun stuff like fishing, pontooning or just all around goofing off. Maybe some of you might have some advice, but I thought after the kids went to college and started their own lives, we parents would get a breather on the being so busy. … Oh well. 
For me, this year has been one nonstop project after the other. With the winter from (you know where) and all the spring rain, I was off to a very late start on my outside projects. Trying to ready a house for sale in the cities was an experience I wish upon no one. Uncovering hidden gems of the past stored in closets, cabinets, garage and basement and then deciding what to do with them is exhausting. I did not know we had so much stuff cubby-holed all over the place. I felt like I was on an archeological dig to uncover our past life … so many treasures. There were even boxes of stuff from when I moved out of my parents’ house after I got married … and my college books … ahh, the memories (Oops, she is yelling at me to get back to work … better start making some moving noise).
While I think the things I find are all treasures, my wife thinks I’m a pain in the (you know what). She wants me to either donate or throw it all out (“but, honey, the things I’m finding are unbelievable”). There were toys I remember playing with the kids (of course, the kids say it was just me playing with the toys), electrical/plumbing supplies I never used … meant to, and even an old stereo with turntable. I asked if she had found any great rock ‘n roll records … wanted to see if the stereo still worked (she answered “get back to work”). Next to be uncovered was a brand new headlamp for deer hunting … still in the sealed package … been looking for it. (Next season, I’ll be able to see just how lost I am in the woods). 
In an effort to lighten up our long days of cleaning, I would make a big deal over finding something long lost just to watch her reaction (I think she now wants to donate or toss me away … better go make some more moving noise). I think in the final assessment, if we measure our lives by the trail of “treasures” we still have in the house, then we have had a very good life. Raising two great kids and all the “busy” we can handle during 29 years of life together must have been pretty good … I was just too busy to notice ‘til now.
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