Clown show draws a crowd

Tricia Manuel ("Pricilla Mooseburger") opens the All Star Clown Show with a wacky kazoo orchestra.

Marie Mavencamp ("Campie the Clown") is about to jump into the firefighter​s'​ net to escape ​very ​real flames in the classic circus skit called "Firehouse".

Over 100 clowns performed ​ to a capacity crowd at the Buffalo Civic Center​ in the 18th annual All Star Clown Show on August 2nd​.​ ​ This is the graduation performance for the students of Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp, operated by Tricia Manuel, owner of The Costume Shoppe in Maple Lake. Kids of all ages, senior citizens, families, and individuals with special needs ​ enjoyed the performance, face-painting, carnival concessions, and circus souvenirs.  The All Star Clown Show is the longest-running ​ and ​ largest clown show in the United States. NBC's Boyd Huppert brought his TV camera crew to cover the show and camp for an upcoming​ segment ​i​n his "Land of 10,000 Stories" program ​ to be aired in a couple weeks​. Next year's free All Star Clown Show will be on August 1st, 2015 at the Buffalo Civic Center.

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