Gear-heads getting together with airplane enthusiasts

Members of the Gear-Head Get Together committee have been working to coordinate Saturday’s event in downtown Maple Lake. Members include (front) John Rivers and Scott Chantland; (back) Tom Hanson, Roger James, Mary James, David Rivers, Pete Miessen, Larry Greene, Hans Melgaard, Vickie Zieska and Linda Rasset; and (not pictured) Dan Albrecht and Mike Zieska. For the first year, they are collaborating with Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 878, which will be hosting a fly-in, pork chop dinner and craft show. A shuttle will run between the two events throughout the day.


For the past 27 years, the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 878 has hosted its annual pork chop dinner and fly-in on Labor Day weekend. For the past three years, the Maple Lake Chamber of Commerce has hosted the Gear-Head Get Together in downtown Maple Lake on the third Saturday in August. Saturday, for the first time ever, the two events will take place on the same day.
“These two events are very complementary as both celebrate creativity and freedom of expression in motorized vehicles, whether they operate on land or in the air,” said Wayne Flury, the secretary of EAA Chapter 878.
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