The Retiree: September 3, 2014


In July, we had J1 and C and S stay for a few days. We weren't able to put A and D up because of that, but they went to Fargo or Duluth or somewhere else instead anyway.
Next it was E and his daughter B1 who came to visit. Having a spare room, we were happy to put them up for a few days.
We had to leave for a reunion in Branson while E and B1 were still with us. E opted to skip the reunion, as he didn't feel like traveling farther than Minnesota from the mountains of Colorado. B1 cleaned the house, as she knew what was coming.
Then K and J2 spent some time with us, and the septic tank alarm went off. It was only a loose plug, thankfully, since we expected lots of people, and Wife tore the door off the outside toilet years ago, removing a significant option.
Then we picked up J3, T, S, I (not me), and B2 at the airport to stay in the only spare room in our house, not counting the porch, where we planned to put at least one kid.
So much for July. August was a little more hectic as T and J3 were in and out quite a bit, with S and B2 getting ready for two different schools. On one trip, T showed up with a car that B2 and S won't be able to use until they can be licensed, so we get to park it.
B2 had a daily swimming session for school in St. Paul, not the most handy location, but she had an extra car to help out, once we went through getting a license and insurance. And I (not me) had to get a hunting permit for the fall when he and T plan to hunt in Wisconsin with J4.
From time to time, we had K and J2 join the kids overnight. H took a few people on occasion, which helped keep Wife sane.
We dropped T and I (not me again) at the airport a week earlier than J3, who took B2 and S to their connections for school registration and arrangements. There are lots of preparations for school when parents live 3,000 miles away on an island, and the kids don't need socks.
As a diversion, Wife and I (me) took S and B2 to the State Fair, picking the day when 252,092 people attended. It didn't seem quite as crowded as our kitchen had been for most of the month.
Now we are home alone, just Wife and I (me), trying to figure out where people put the life jackets, a cooking pot, canoe paddles, the boat key, a car cover, one screw from the futon and lots of rope. We seem to have gained some fish line, a coffee mug, three trivets, a couple trays, some dead pike minnows, an air mattress plug and lots of boxes.
And an aging car, but we have to give that back.
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