Letter to the Editor: January 28, 2015


Letter to the Editor:
The citizens of Monticello, Buffalo and Maple Lake townships have endured a landfill operation in their community for many years.  The currently operating landfill was foisted upon Wright County by legal action taken by the private company who owned it. The current landfill is leaking vinyl chloride into the groundwater. Enough is enough.  We citizens who live in this area have done more than our fair share to deal with Minnesota’s garbage.   
Now the new owners are proposing yet another new landfill in our area. This new landfill would accept household garbage (MMSW landfill). Household garbage is even more dangerous than the industrial and demolition garbage in the current landfill.  The proposed landfill would cause more than double the truck traffic coming and going from the site when compared to the existing operation. Much of this traffic will travel Highway 25 and all ends up on County Road 37. The impact of noise, odor and traffic safety that area residents have endured in the past would increase significantly and continue for more than another eleven years.  The environmental impact statement (EIS) concluded there is no need for a new MMSW landfill in Wright County.  Adequate landfill capacity is already available.  Landfilling garbage, just like increasing the National Debt, is simply passing our problems on to our children and their children.  Opening new, unneeded landfill capacity discourages more responsible alternatives for dealing with household garbage.
Granting a zoning change to permit this landfill is not consistent with the Wright County Northeast Quadrant Land Use Plan. Such a zoning change would constitute a “spot zoning change” not made for a compelling public benefit. Rather this change would be made for the financial benefit of a private commercial company. This violates Wright County’s Northeast Quadrant Land Use Plan. By contrast this new landfill would significantly degrade the property values of the residents of the area.
This new landfill is not needed. It would increase traffic, noise and odor in the area. The new landfill will sit on top of the same aquifer already being polluted by the existing landfill.  Granting the required zoning changes would violate Wright County land use plans. Please urge your County board member (http://www.co.wright.mn.us/314/Board-of-Commissioners;) and the Planning and Zoning board (http://www.co.wright.mn.us/156/Planning-Zoning)
 to not allow the development of this new landfill.
Mark Rise, PhD
7745 Aetna Ave. NE
Monticello, MN
Tim Tuffs
7833 Aetna Ave. NE
Monticello, MN
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