Public Notice September 9th, 2015

Minutes Aug. 18, 2015
The regular meeting of the Maple Lake Township Board was called to order by Chairman Gerry Giebenhain at 7 p.m. Supervisors Ronald Wolff and Tom Neumann, Treasurer Judy Neumann and Clerk Dick Hogan were present.
The minutes of the July 21 meeting were ready by Chairman Giebenhain. As no additions or corrections were noted, a motion was offered by Wolff, seconded by Neumann, to accept as read. Carried 3-0.
Paul and Vickie Michaelis, 8837 Bishop Ave. NW, requested that the Town abandon a small strip of property between the right of way and their frontage. After discussion, the board unanimously agreed not to pursue the request.
The proposed Donnelly ditch improvement project was updated to residents present.
The board reviewed a proposed consent resolution authorization that Charter Communications continue serving in Maple Lake Township. The consent is the result of Charter's merger into the Advance/Newhouse partnership. The board tabled the passing of this resolution until the Sept. 15 regular meeting when they hope to have a Charter representative present.
All warrants were paid as presented.
As no additional business was besought before the board, Chairman Giebenhain adjoined the regular meeting at 8:05 p.m.
The continuation of the levy setting portion of the March 10 meeting was opened by Chairman Giebenhain for the purpose of setting the 2016 levy. the meeting was then turned over to the residents present of their setting of the levy. After review of the budget and anticipated expense and capital items, it was a consensus of the residents that the present levy was adequate for 2016 expenditures. A motion was offered by Bill Ebnet, seconded by Bill Triplett, to set the levy as follows: Revenue, $75,000; Road & Bridge, $415,000;and Debt Service at $42,882.
Ebnet asked the board to pass a resolution prohibiting the donation of levied funds to any individual or organization. The board stated this was a levy setting continuation and limited to that business only. They also considered the legality of such resolution and would consult the town attorney for his opinion.
Chairman Giebenhain closed the continuation meeting at 8:40 p.m.
Dick Hogan, Clerk

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