Brute’s Bleat September 30, 2015

Sunday night’s blood moon was interesting to watch as it moved into earth’s shadow. I went outside about 8 p.m. and it had only started to lose some of its edge. An hour later there was just a sliver left and it was hidden behind some clouds, but would show itself periodically. The moon’s closeness to earth made this year’s eclipse more dramatic, but if you missed it there will be another one in about 15-16 years.
* * *
From scattered reports, panfish fishing is still good on Indian Lake. Gene Wadman and his wife, Eleanor, commented about finding the sunfish not biting fast, but steady. Maybe I’ll find time to get out there later this week. I talked George Palmer into fishing on Koronis Lake Saturday, suggesting morning might be better. We left ML about 6 a.m. and drove in fog most of the way, not severe but enough to slow us down. There were pickups stopped adjacent to the highway and we assumed they were archery deer hunters. The public hunting spot across from the kid’s amusement center had vehicles in every parking lot and we figured they might be a combination of deer and duck hunters because there were so many cars and trucks. We stopped at Mike’s Bait shop in Eden Valley for the bait of choice. The proprietor said fatheads, but warning us fishing there hadn’t been as good as a year ago. That wasn’t what we wanted to hear, but the breakfast at the Hilltop Cafe in Paynesville was great. We launched our boat at the VFW Campgrounds and fished several spots that were good a year ago without a bite. Fortunately it was a beautiful day and a great day for being on the water. Anglers were fishing in a lot of different places and we tried some new spots and I was beginning to panic about 10 a.m. Out of desperation I suggested a dollar on the first walleye or northern. That put a smile on Palmer’s face (above right) and by 11 a.m. he was reeling in our first and only walleye. It wasn’t a biggie, but good enough for the dollar bet. A man and wife duo were fishing nearby and they (the lady) caught one, too. I figured we had found a hot spot, but that was only wishful thinking. George released his walleye. I made a mental note of that spot for another time, figuring from the structure present it should hold fish. We made an attempt to find some sunfish, but that didn’t work either so we wrapped it up about 5 p.m. Being somewhat of an eternal optimist and judging from the anglers launching their boats for the evening run, if I go back it will be in the evening.
* * *
Rep. John Boehner’s abrupt resignation as Speaker of the House and from Congress last week effective Oct. 30 surprised me as well as most Americans. Whether good or bad for the country remains to be seen, but the Tea Party troops loved it. On the other hand, maybe his resignation should be followed in an orderly manner by the rest of the Congressmen who can’t seem to agree on much at Capitol Hill!
* * *
Two fawns playing on the gravel road from Cenex one morning last week was a surprise for both me and Mel Borell following our cups of coffee. They definitely weren’t road-wise.

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