Students “Live to Inspire” at We Day 2015 held on November 3rd

Callie Lafave, Katelyn Fuller, Kora Fuller, Maddi Maas and Emily Reller pose in the Xcel Energy Center.

Maple Lake Schools had 100 students attend We Day 2015 and five school staff chaperones.

Pictured is Jacob Weese, Lisa Weninger, Mattie Muller, Casey Pack, Jacob Klatt, Kris Harlan, Brady Tongen, Nichole Rengel, Margaret Graham and Anna Becker. Three elementary and three high school students attended We Schools: An Evening of Inspiration Event. Students were applauded for the work they have done in their school community through the We Schools programming. (Photos submitted by Nichole Rengel)

Lyndsie Carlson, Grace Jostock and Kelsey Pribyl posing with the We Day mascot.

"We are powerful, we are movement, and we can change the world!" This is a chant students and teachers repeated at the We Day gathering at the Xcel Energy Center held on November 3rd. While doing the We Day Dance, listening to inspiring speakers and soulful musicians play, students at Maple Lake took part in a statewide concert called We Day; a gathering to celebrate the movement of our time and the empowerment of the generation of young global citizens through an artistic event.

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