Legal Notice April 27, 2016

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that Corinna Township Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment will convene May 10, 2016 at 7:00 PM at Corinna Town Hall to conduct the following public hearing(s):
Variance application to construct a 32’ x 32’ detached garage approx. 56 feet from the centerline of Irvine Ave. and 52 feet from the centerline of Isaak Ave. (min. 65 ft required). Impervious coverage to be approximately 30.1% (max. 25% allowed). Applicant: James Hansen. Property address: 8260 ISAAK AVE NW, Annandale. Sec/Twp/Range: 22-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206055001010 and 206054000050.
Variance application to replace one stairway, widen another by 1.5 feet, add a retaining wall and replace a sidewalk with stepping stones so as to create a small net reduction in impervious coverage on a lot with approx. 18-20% building coverage (max. 15% allowed) and approx. 39-41% total impervious coverage (max. 25% allowed). Applicant: Allen and Dori Heinen. Property address: 11245 HOLLISTER AVE NW, Annandale. Sec/Twp/Range: 02-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206056003050.
Preliminary plat application to create three lots from a previously unplatted parcel and one additional lot combining parts of seven previously platted lots and a public right-of-way (road vacation petition pending). Applicant: True Friends (Children’s Disability Service Association/Friendship Ventures). Property address: None. Sec/Twp/Range: 22-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206000221103, 206028001010, 206028002030, 206028002040, 206028002050, 206028002060, 206028002070, and 206028002080.
Variance to construct a 16’ x 22’ addition to an existing dwelling approximately 12.4 feet from a side lot line (min. 15 feet required) and 48.4 feet from Sugar Lake (min. 75 feet required). Impervious coverage to be reduced from 26.9% to 24.9% (max. 25% allowed). Applicant: Eric Stack. Property address: 11847 89TH STREET NW, Annandale. Sec/Twp/Range: 19-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206048000070.
Variance to replace an existing 12’ x 20’ detached garage with an attached 22’ x 24’ two-story garage approx. 50 feet from Sugar Lake (min. 75 ft required), 2.5 feet from a side lot line (min. 15 feet required), and 20 feet from the centerline of a township (min. 65 ft required). Building coverage to increase from approx. 20% to 23% (max. 15% allowed) and total impervious coverage to increase from approx. 31-32% to 32-33%. Applicant: Steven and Diane Wiltermuth. Property address: 11955 HART AVE NW, Annandale. Sec/Twp/Range: 02-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206000021105.
Request to remove a condition on the previously approved conditional use permit for the “Danielson’s Rolling Ridge Acres” planned unit development regulating detached accessory buildings as per R-1 zoning standards and allowing them to be regulated as per the Agricultural/Residential zoning district. Applicant: Corinna Township. Property address: (Various) JENKINS AVE NW, Annandale, Sec/Twp/Range: 33-121-27. Parcel number(s): 206116001010, 206116001020, 206116001030, 206116001040, 206116001050, 206116001060.
Measurements and details are approximate and/or subject to change during the public hearing. A full copy of the proposed ordinance amendments is available at Corinna Town Hall for inspection at least 10 days prior to the public hearing. All interested persons are invited to attend these hearings and be heard or send written comments to the Township. Application information and a staff report are available for viewing at (staff report typically 5-7 days prior to the hearing date). A quorum of the Town Board may be present at the meeting, but will not hold deliberations or make any decisions.
Ben Oleson, Zoning
Administrator, Corinna Township

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