The Old Timers face off against the current Lakers

Former Laker players got together Saturday for a match-up against the current Laker players at the Old Timers Classic. Back Row: Pat Meuwissen, Joe Jude, Bobby Fobbe, Pat Cruikshank, Bill Wurm, Ben Elsenpeter, Paul Decker, Dale Decker and Ron Geyen. Front Row: Daryl Hennen, Ryan Klingelhofer, Gary Porter, Ron Rassat, Kevin Gruenhagen, Cody Decker, Billy Porter, Tony Wurm and Joe Hofman. (Photos by Charlene Wurm)

Reaching to make the catch for an over-throw was first baseman, Ben Elsenpeter.

Dale Decker batting for the Old Timers Black team watches the ball land in the outfield. The catcher behind home plate is Cody Decker, Dale's son.

Nolan O'Connor, 2 1/2-year-old grandson of Dale Decker came to cheer on his grandpa at the Old Timers game and Olivia Decker came to cheer on her dad, Cody Decker, and grandpa, Dale Decker.
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