Brute's Bleat August 10, 2016

One of my fishing buddies, Michael Miller, and I added these crappies to the live-well last Tuesday morning.

Maple Lake’s Lakers baseball team got a huge grand slam from Donnie Mavencamp Friday night in their game with Loretto. Loretto was leading 3-0 at the time, but Maple Lake loaded the bases with a couple of walks. Loretto elected to change pitchers and Mavencamp put the reliever’s first pitch over the center-field wall and the Lakers never looked back. Laker ace pitcher Jeremy Schmidt threw all nine innings. Hutchinson Huskies gave the Lakers a lesson in hitting in Saturday’s night-cap which they won 13-2. The win propelled the Huskies into the state tournament as did Delano’s 5-2 win over Buffalo in Saturday’s first game. Maple Lake played Howard Lake at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and Loretto played Buffalo Thursday with winners of both games in the state tournament. The tournament continues through Sunday afternoon at Loretto and then it’s the state tournament at Dassel-Cokato and Hutchinson.
* * *
The sale of the Muller Family Theatres marks the end of an era for Mike and Bobby and the Muller families who sold their string of eight theatres to a corporation located in Detroit, MI. Mike’s grandfather was the first Muller in the theatre business which got its start in Maple Lake, expanding to Annandale and Monticello. My congratulations to the two brothers on the sale and I’ll probably be seeing more of Mike who plans to do more hunting and fishing. Somehow it’s difficult for me to understand why he sold popcorn at ML while still a pre-teen. At the REX Theatre in my hometown, Henning, the popcorn girl was always one of the most attractive gals in town. Maybe it was the quality of popcorn which Muller’s theatres sold, which was tops in my book, that over-shadowed any need for sex appeal.
* * *
In the fishing department the sunnies have been cooperating, although I’ve only been out once and that was a week ago Tuesday with Miller (right) and Gene Wadman, another adamant angler who came equipped with some angle worms for bait. The sunnies were co-operating in the 15-17 feet of water we fished and we had 37 keepers in the livewell along with the two crappies when we decided to call it a day at 10:15 that morning.
The day wasn’t without incident and I was the goat when I left my crappie rod unattended for a couple of minutes while I stood up. I was using some of Joe Rassat’s Northland Tackle bait, a small crayfish on a jig heat, which was working on the sunfish as well as the crappies. The handle of my Ugly Stick was resting on the top of the boat’s gas can when a fish apparently grabbed the bait and ran. I couldn’t react quick enough as it disappeared just that fast. Gene gave me a dare devil and I tried casting and dragging the bottom, but no luck. Losing the rod wasn’t a huge monetary loss, it cost me $2.00 in a thrift store, but it caught fish. I just may have to outfit my other rods with a tether line!
* * *
On Saturday morning the riding horses out-numbered the dogs 6-2 that were being exercised in Ney’s east park. Four of the riders were from the St. Michael area.

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