Gear-Head Get Together 2016

An aerial view of Birch Ave. on Saturday during the Gear-Head Get Together. (Photo by John Rivers)

By the main stage, 92-year-old Marie Wurm got a close look at Rockin’ Hollywoods saxophonist when he sat down next to her during an excursion into the crowd.

Cole Erdahl and Ava Rudolph help themselves to a Matchbox toy in the saddle bags of this vintage motorcycle at the invitation of a sign left on the motorcycle’s seat. (Photo by Brenda Erdahl)

Damon Hardina marvels at a Ron Finch custom-made bike at Finch’s booth near the old creamery. Finch, also known as the Fabulous Finch, also had a number of sculptures he made out of everyday tools on display.

Special guest and master bike builder from Detriot, Ron Finch, took a cruise on his custom-made bike. (Photos by Brenda Erdahl)

Brad Villand launches himself off a van from French Lake Auto Parts during a show near the Maple Lake Legion parking lot. The motorcycle stunt rider showed off his skills throughout the day.

These two youngsters rode in style in their homemade hot rod wagon. (Photo by John Rivers)

DJ Bondo Bob spun vinyl from 8 to 11 a.m. (Photo by John Rivers)

Holt Motors Bondy Long race car. (Photos by John Rivers)

Vaughn Veit with a yellow Corvette. (Photo by John Rivers)

Pin-up girls posed with a military jeep. (Photos by John Rivers)

Maple Lake Ambassadors, Sydney Louis and Abby Bentley, pose with Mayor Lynn Kissock. (Photo by Charlene Wurm)
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