Letter to the Editor October 19, 2016

There appears to be a tight race for County Commissioner in District 2 of Wright County.
Both Tom Prerrault and Darek Vetsch are wanting to replace Pat Sawatzke who is serving his last term by his own choice. Tom has served on the Monticello City Council for years and Darek is part of the Russell's family ownership and heads up the Chamber of Commerce in Monticello. Both reside in Monticello.
Some of us in Silver Creek felt a need to get to know more about each of them and why they were wanting this elected office. We are having both of them appear together at the Silver Creek Town Hall on Thursday, October 20, 2016, at 7PM. The location is just south of the intersection of I-94 and Highway #8.
It will be mostly a Q & A session with, hopefully, most of the questions coming from audience members. What are any concerns or issues you know about at the county level that you would like to have discussed?
Come and be heard----it certainly will not happen at the national level this year! I believe this is the only time that Vetsch and Perrault will appear at the same time in front of an audience. All are welcome as well as school kids to see how the process or electing can work effectively.
Bob Esse
Silver Creek Township

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