2017 Wright County highway construction projects map

The Wright County Highway Department is pleased to present its 2017 Construction Projects Map (click link below for map). The projects they'll be constructing this year provide a continued emphasis on preservation of the existing Wright County Highway System, combined with an aggressive program of safety projects and a major reconstruction project along Highway 3 in the northwest portion of the county. This project will provide a continuous north-south corridor that meets current design standards, from the south county line to the north county line. The Highway 3 corridor is a relatively higher traffic volume route in western Wright County that carries a lot of truck traffic through the county. Combined with the recent traffic signal system installation at the intersection of TH 55 and Highway 3 by MnDOT, the improvement of this corridor with this year's project will provide safe travels for vehicles for many years to come. The 2017 construction projects total approximately $10 million dollars in improvements to the county highway system. The safety improvements included in this year's plan include Rural Intersection Warning Systems at the intersections of Highways 35 and 6; and Highway 35 and 8. Other safety improvements include the construction of dedicated center left-turn lanes at the intersection of Highway 39 and Nashua Avenue in Otsego, and the creation of center left-turn lanes on County Rd. 37 over the I-94 bridge in Albertville to facilitate safer left-turning movements onto I-94.

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