Maple Lake Prom: Rollin' on a River

A group of students pause for a picture on prom night, Saturday. They are, from left, Kara Glassman, Denver DeMarais, Michael Ness, Shelby Campbell, Cheyenne Gage, Dalton DeMarais, Aleska Zandstra and Harley Hubert. (Photos by Bob Zimmerman)

Maple Lake High School students got all dolled up, Saturday, April 22, for the 2017 prom. This year's theme was Rollin' on a River. Above is a shot of what the event looked like as the students walked through the Grand March.

Catie Fobbe and Daryn Strub approach the grand march in an unusual style.

Tyler Cranston sports an old-fashioned but distinguished get-up as he escorts Emily Jude through the grand march.

Nathan Carlson carries Katelyn Kramer at Saturday's grand march during the Maple Lake Prom.
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