Brute's Bleat November 8, 2017

A buck this large would bring a smile to any hunter’s face. This 8-pointer was harvested by Messenger design editor Don Dittberner Sunday morning. Their party of four were hunting in Ottertail County near Rush Lake. Don said as a group they saw about 32 does (sometimes the same deer), but only 2 bucks. He cited the unpicked cornfields as a reason for not seeing more bucks. Don commented they had one more buck on Monday morning.

Mike Muller decided I needed a 85th birthday gift, so he took Vanna and me to Gold Meadows Thursday for a date with some rooster and hen pheasants. (My spouse, Janis, and daughter, Anna, had showered me with gifts on Halloween, my actual birthday date). After such a miserable exhibition of marksmanship down near the Iowa border where I missed four cocks a couple of weeks ago. I decided to take the bull by the horns and see if the problem was me or something with my Ruger O/U. I found out the correct measurement from the trigger to the end of the stock should be 13 1/2 inches. Mine was over 14 inches. That and a huge raspberry on my bicep told me I wasn’t getting the O/U up on my shoulder properly. I had the stock shortened and a new recoil pad was installed in time for the birthday hunt. Neither of us set the world on fire, from a shooting standpoint, but my first shot was right on when a rooster busted out of some weeds and flew across in front of me from left to right. Needless to say that bolstered my spirits, but I missed on another rooster which was a similar shot, but further away. Sometimes it takes a miss to bring a person back to reality. Anyway, it was a fun couple of hours and Muller bagged two roosters which Lucky pointed. His young Setter, Jack, had an opportunity to learn from Lucky and seems to be getting the hang of pointing pheasants. More time in the field will only make Jack a better hunting dog. Both Lucky and Vanna retrieved birds which helped make our day.
* * *
Friday night’s three inches of snow reminded me that my snowblower is still hibernating in the garage from last year. Anna also reminded me to get it ready or I’ll be shovelling rather than blowing snow. Fortunately it warmed up enough to thaw the snow in the driveway and it looks like I have another week or two before the snowblower will be needed. Also still on my to-do list was winterizing the boat which I store in the back yard during the winter. I tackled that rather than work on the leaves because of the wind on Sunday. I had it pretty well wrapped up by 3:30 p.m. and decided Vanna and I needed a break; and being it was near the golden hour for pheasant hunting, we set out for a WPA which had been good to me in year’s past. I also wanted to find out what kind of hunting clothes I would need for an upcoming trip to North Dakota beginning next Sunday. We walked the edge of the WPA and Vanna got hot about halfway through the weeds and grass. A hen flushed before she could pin the bird down with a point. That was the only bird that flushed and hunting the final hour told me I’d need something warm enough to ward off the wind which always seems to be blowing in the Dakotas. We’ll be hunting north of Fargo on some private land, thanks to David Kloss who owns the land which he has developed for pheasant hunting and also to give them a place to winter. Kloss was one of Maple Lake’s Irish gridders in 1970. He was a co-captain with Stan Fuller. Ron Rassat was their quarterback who was an excellent passer for the Irish. They ended their season with a 32-0 win over Big Lake. Bruce Bakeberg was coaching the Irish.
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