Calling all veterans: ‘We want You!’

All veterans and their spouses are invited to attend a special Veterans Day program on November 11 in the Maple Lake High School auditorium.

Guest speaker is Iwo Jima survivor, Charles W. Lindberg, with Congressman Mark Kennedy giving the opening address. The presentation begins at 1 p.m. and refreshments will be served in the high school auditorium following the event.

Fourth grade students from Tim Staloch’s class offering their personal invitation to veterans are (front) Devin McKinley, Tarisa Anderson, Gretchen Menne, (center) Forrest Coughlin, Brady Gagnon, Tyler Hancock, Josh Hogan, Kasie Carriveau, Logan Sawatzke, Joey Mooney, Shannon McGregor, Taylor Dettwiler, Jake Johnson, Cody Korbel, Nicholas Davis, Kevin Salveson, Matt Clark and Lynnay Rosine.

The Veterans Day program is sponsored by Senior Connections and the Maple Lake Lions.   


Purple principal provides pupils with pig pucker payoff

It was a purple pig-puckering day at St. Timothy’s School on October 15 when Principal Frank Mazzuca made good on a promise to students.

As part of this month’s Marathon fund-raising activities, Mazzuca challenged students to exceed the goal of $12,000 for the opportunity to see the lifelong Chicago Bears fan dress in a Vikings’ shirt and hat and then plant a kiss on a pig.

Well over $15,000 has been collected to date for the Marathon and Mazzuca took to the stage in front of students and guests on National Hot Lunch Day and planted a kiss on a pig provided by the Zander- Bruns Farm.

In other Marathon news, the top seven fund-raising families earned the following prizes:


Marathon raises funds for St. Tim’s School

They were off and running once again at the annual St. Timothy’s School Marathon on Saturday as about 75 bikers and walkers participated in the nine-mile effort to raise funds for non-public education. And a group almost as large took part in activities for children from preschool to third grade inside the school gym.

This year’s goal was set at $12,000 and it was announced at the start of Saturday’s event that over $10,000 had already been raised to date.

Keeping participants safe were members of the Knights of Columbus, who escorted Marathon participants, along with deputies from the Wright County Sheriff’s Department.

Guiding this year’s event were Marathon co-chairs Sue Borell and Jana Marquette, Childrens’ Activities chair Cyrene Bastien and Luncheon chair Stacey Sissel.


National Honor Society inducts new members

Induction ceremonies for the newest members of the National Honor Society at Maple Lake High School were conducted on Monday evening.

A banquet in the high school cafeteria preceded the program in the auditorium, where Principal Mary James, advisors Eric Meyer and Judy Sloneker and student speaker Ed Elfmann welcomed the new Honor Society members.

Junior High Honor Society  After completion of Grade 7  New members: Lindsey Becker, Carrie Blake, Kelsey Clark, Chancy Davis, Laura Dombrovski, Erin Donohue, Alyson Fuchs, Nick Hudek, Brandon King, Melanie Kosciolek, Andy Manuel, Matt Marschel, Erin McGregor, Sam Muller, Zach Nordling, Andrea Rachel, Ashley Remer, Nicole Sadler, Molly Schaufler, Abigail Thomas, Robert Upcraft, Kevin Zabel.


New computers bring virtual museum to MLHS

The horizons have expanded for students at Maple Lake High School thanks to a computer lab stocked with 28 state-of-the-art machines. And the extent of those horizons was put to the test last week when students explored the vast Center of Holocaust and Genocide website at the University of Minnesota.

At the invitation of high school English teacher Naomi Durst, Vicky Knickerbocker, an outreach educator from the University of Minnesota, traveled to Maple Lake to guide students through the website. “My job is to come and show the teachers and students what’s available,” Knickerbocker said.

In her introduction to 10th grade English students and participants in the Holocaust/WW II class taught by Durst and Lisa Elfmann, Knickerbocker said over a million students visit the Center of Holocaust and Genocide website at and called the site “too big to comprehend.”


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