School celebrates the contributions of volunteers

With songs, food, praise and prizes, Maple Lake Schools celebrated the contributions of its volunteers for the 2001-2002 school year on Sept. 12 at Centennial Playground.

The featured presentation of the program produced by Community Care was the recognition of the school’s Volunteers of the Year.

Those honored included Leah Ortiz and Maureen McClanahan, who were cited for their efforts in supporting the Early Childhood and Family Education program.

Sherri Nichols was nominated by the high school Special Education staff for volunteering as a lifeguard at Camp Courage to give special needs children more physical education experiences.

Rev. Steven King was honored for a wide variety of volunteer activities within the school, from working on a mural in the high school cafeteria, performing at school events, to assisting at student dances and reading to students.


Girls glad to get back to school after bike accident

Samantha Hollencamp and Annie Schwede will be able to top the class with the story of what happened to them during their summer vacation.

But the best part is that they are alive to tell it.

Just after noon on August 31, the girls were crossing Highway 55 at its intersection with Maple Avenue when they were struck by a truck at the busy intersection.

Annie was walking across with her bike and Samantha was riding hers in a maze of cars trying to cross the highway. According to police reports, the drivers lost sight of the girls in traffic and both were hit by a truck on Highway 55.

Annie was in front of Samantha and the truck caught the back wheel of her bike, knocking her to the ground just before Samantha was hit.


Construction continues as school year approaches

They are chewing their fingernails at Maple Lake High School as remodeling continues and the start of school draws near.

“Currently, we are in the midst of a major mess,” said Superintendent Ken Engel, “but we are eager for the completion of the construction projects.”

Classroom furniture and supplies still line the halls of the school and considerable work remains to be done in areas such as the auditorium, choir and band rooms as part of a $3.5 million remodeling project approved by the voters in a referendum last fall. But Engel said that although some projects won’t be completed by the start of school on September 3, classrooms will be ready and parents and students will be pleased with what they see.



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