Card of Thanks: December 17, 2014


Thank you to everyone who helped make our Barnes & Noble Book Fair a success. The library earned over $1,650 that will be used to purchase new books and audio books. Stop in at your library to check out the new books purchased with the grant from Wright-Hennepin Trust and the earnings from the Barnes & Noble Book Fair.
Friends of the Maple Lake Library
Pictured are: Margaret Jenniges, Katie Serrano, Robin Aeshliman, Charlotte Drenckhahn, Denise Blizil, Mike Heffron, Della Ness, Kath Heffron and Marie Mavencamp.

Ask a trooper: December 10, 2014

Question: How long has there been a drunk driving law in Minnesota?
Answer: The Minnesota Legislature criminalized DWI in 1911, making “driving while in an intoxicated manner” a misdemeanor. The laws and sanctions addressing DWI have certainly evolved in the past 103 years. The strengthened efforts are successfully working to get drunk drivers off the roads:
• Evidence of influence was set at .15 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in 1917.
- The first civil sanctions for DWI (Implied Consent) began in 1961.
• A per se level of .10 BAC was attached to administrative license sanctions in 1971 (MN was the first state to take such action).
• The concept of BAC changed to Alcohol Concentration (AC) in 1978.
• License plate impoundment began in 1988.
• Test refusal became a criminal offense in 1989.
• Child Endangerment enhancement and ‘Not a Drop’ law enacted in 1993.


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