Brute’s Bleat August 19th, 2015

Vanna and I spotted three turkeys along the north side of Ney Park last week. The were on the edge of the road and retreated quickly into the standing corn. The same day I was driving by Punchochar’s pheasant farm on Spruce Ave. when a mink ran across the road near Frank Hogan’s home. Another day a young pheasant flew out of Potter’s bean field across from Ney Park. Neither I nor my coffee drinking buddies have noticed any Possums this year which is a good sign as they rob eggs from pheasant nests, but I did see a road-kill young pheasant on County Road 8 near Silver Creek. . . the pheasant roosters are quiet time this time of the year and seldom are heard unless they are startled. . .
* * *


Card of Thanks: July 22, 2015


Thank you to all who came with cards, gifts and wishes for my 90th birthday. Your presence that day was a special gift. 
Thanks to all who sent a card. I am blessed to have such great family and so many friends.
-Ralph Fobbe

Card of Thanks: July 1, 2015


Thanks to all my family, friends and relatives for helping me celebrate at my 80th birthday party and for all the birthday wishes. It was a great day and will always be remembered.
-Rose Wurm


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