Card of Thanks: December 11, 2013


We would like to thank everyone for making our Maple Lake Chamber-sponsored "Christmas in Maple Lake" a success serving 153 children a lunch and a gift bag from the Chamber.  We  would like to thank the Lion's Club, Star Bank, Coborn’s, Maple Lake Bakery, Roger's Amoco and “The V by HH"  for their donations to help with the cost of the event.
A thank you goes to Cheryl Pullins, Milt Zoupas, Mike Peterson and the Maple Lake Fire Dept,, the people who volunteered that day at the event, the Maple Manor residents who helped fill the gift bags and the  Maple Lake Ambassadors who came with a smile to spread their cheer.
There are so many people to thank (hopefully, we didn't miss anyone) who made this Chamber event a success.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Chairpersons, Cathy Elfstrand & Tricia Manuel 

Letter to the Editor: December 11, 2013


To the Editor:
I was deeply saddened to read your article on the front page, Nov. 27, about a much-loved and respected priest, Fr. Mark Huberty, who previously served us at St. Timothy Church.
There are those of us who knew him and he became a welcome guest and a wonderful spiritual advisor to our families.
I do not believe this charge against him. You chose to repeat the words of the major newspapers and add to the terrible charge against him. Why is the woman involved not named, but protected?
Your article read like a foregone conclusion that he was guilty.
Sadly, Fr. Huberty will have this horrid event hanging over him.
I hope there are many others willing to support this fine priest. I make no apologies for my faith in him.
Gloria L. Dooley
Maple Lake


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