Card of Thanks: January 14, 2015

The family of Bud Vandergon would like to thank all of you for your overwhelming support and love shown since his homegoing on Christmas Eve. We greatly appreciate your prayers, cards, words of encouragement and meals during this time of l


Card of Thanks: December 17, 2014


Thank you to everyone who helped make our Barnes & Noble Book Fair a success. The library earned over $1,650 that will be used to purchase new books and audio books. Stop in at your library to check out the new books purchased with the grant from Wright-Hennepin Trust and the earnings from the Barnes & Noble Book Fair.
Friends of the Maple Lake Library
Pictured are: Margaret Jenniges, Katie Serrano, Robin Aeshliman, Charlotte Drenckhahn, Denise Blizil, Mike Heffron, Della Ness, Kath Heffron and Marie Mavencamp.

Ask a trooper: December 10, 2014

Question: How long has there been a drunk driving law in Minnesota?
Answer: The Minnesota Legislature criminalized DWI in 1911, making “driving while in an intoxicated manner” a misdemeanor. The laws and sanctions addressing DWI have certainly evolved in the past 103 years. The strengthened efforts are successfully working to get drunk drivers off the roads:
• Evidence of influence was set at .15 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in 1917.
- The first civil sanctions for DWI (Implied Consent) began in 1961.
• A per se level of .10 BAC was attached to administrative license sanctions in 1971 (MN was the first state to take such action).
• The concept of BAC changed to Alcohol Concentration (AC) in 1978.
• License plate impoundment began in 1988.
• Test refusal became a criminal offense in 1989.
• Child Endangerment enhancement and ‘Not a Drop’ law enacted in 1993.


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