Brute’s Bleat August 19th, 2015

Vanna and I spotted three turkeys along the north side of Ney Park last week. The were on the edge of the road and retreated quickly into the standing corn. The same day I was driving by Punchochar’s pheasant farm on Spruce Ave. when a mink ran across the road near Frank Hogan’s home. Another day a young pheasant flew out of Potter’s bean field across from Ney Park. Neither I nor my coffee drinking buddies have noticed any Possums this year which is a good sign as they rob eggs from pheasant nests, but I did see a road-kill young pheasant on County Road 8 near Silver Creek. . . the pheasant roosters are quiet time this time of the year and seldom are heard unless they are startled. . .
* * *
Some of my fishing friends suggested I must be fishing the wrong lake, which I readily agreed to, hoping for a good hint only to find out they were referring to the Bedford, Indiana group that was pinched for taking nearly 700 crappies and sunfish over their limits. They were fishing on Upper Cormorant Lake, west of Detroit Lakes. The DNR’s TIPs program led to an investigation and the conservation officers found the evidence in the freezers inside the group’s cabins. If convicted, the six could be ordered to pay a fine, plus $5 restitution for each fish and lose their fishing license for three years. That could have bought a lot of lobster!
* * *
Ken Hennen and I took in the Friday night’s hot and humid Howard Lake-Delano baseball game which lasted over three hours with Delano winning 12-9. HL defeated Loretto 3-2 Saturday and won 13-3 over Delano for the Region Championship. Maple Lake Laker pitchers drafted by the state tournament teams were Mitch Wurm, Howard Lake; Todd Fuller and Chad Raiche, Delano; and Jeremy Schmidt, Loretto. The state tournament begins on Friday with games at Watkins and Cold Spring.
* * *
Saturday’s Gear Head Get Together was another resounding success the streets lined with vintage and collectible cars and just about any other four stroke engine available. Many of those vehicles on display must have created a lot of nostalgia for the spectators and the immaculate 1958 Corvette convertible caught my eye and topped them all. I’ve never seen as many 1957 Chevrolets as there were this year. Ed Vinkemeier, employee at Maple Lake Lumber, said he was in town with his ‘57 at 6:30 a.m. to get a good spot on Birch Ave. across from WCCA. The next block south was already filled by them, he said. Another local exhibitor, Kip Blizil, drove his blue and white 20 hp. hobby farm tractor uptown for the day. He commented he thinks it was manufactured in either China or Japan and is still researching it’s origin. The display of vintage dragsters (funny cars) was another hit with the huge crowd of spectators. My hat is off to those people who have the patience to restore vehicles to show room condition. Some may be doing it for the monetary gain, but for most I assume it’s a labor of love. It was an extremely hot and humid day, but that didn’t stop a photographer and three ladies dressed from various time periods who took advantage of the vehicles for background. The World War II German Army halftrack and a motorcycle with a side car was another item that caught my eye. The side car was equipped with a machine gun and both items looked like they had been through a war! A display of small engines (miniatures) from the hit and miss era of engines also captured my attention as did the vehicles John and David Rivers had on display. David’s 1910 Buick was one I hadn’t seen before. By the time I had walked the streets lined with vehicles I was pretty well bushed and enjoyed one of the Lion’s Club hamburgers before I called it a day. I never did get out to the airport’s EAA fly in, maybe next year! When I took Vanna outside for her nightly bathroom break at 10:30 I could hear the music from the Legion Club’s parking lot dance which I understand drew a good sized crowd. The promoters of the Gear Head Get Together need more thanks than I can give them in this column for putting on a great event which seems to grow and grow.

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