Letter To The Editor: August 26th, 2015

Dear Editor,
Most drivers on the road have seen a law enforcement officer performing a traffic stop. Some of you may have even experienced the traffic stop first-hand! Whichever the case, a number of drivers are still not aware of a Minnesota Law requiring drivers to move over one lane when passing a stopped emergency vehicle(s) or road repair equipment. This law is known as the “Ted Foss Law.” On August 31, law enforcement all across Minnesota will be working to educate drivers of this law.
The law is designed to give emergency vehicles room to work on the portion of roadway they are occupying by requiring passing motorists (who are driving on roads with at least two lanes traveling in the same direction) to leave a lane vacant between them and those parked emergency vehicles. The law also requires that drivers reduce their speed as they pass the location of the emergency vehicle(s) and road repair equipment. Failure to do so could result in a traffic citation and fine.
Motor vehicle hits continue to be a leading cause of death among Minnesota Law Enforcement Officers and emergency workers. The law is named for Minnesota State Patrol Trooper, Ted Foss, who was conducting a traffic stop for a speeding motorist and was speaking to the driver when another vehicle veered over and struck his squad car. Trooper Foss died at the scene.
Law enforcement, emergency responders and road crews serve to keep roads safe for the motoring public. It is the responsibility of motorists to pay attention to ensure the safety of those performing what are often life-saving duties on the roads.
Trooper Kevin Brisk
MN State Patrol
Safe Communities of Wright County Board Member

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