Letter To The Editor: August 26th, 2015

To the Editor:
Before we begin the business of electing a president in 2016, we should pause a moment to appreciate President Barack Obama. A recent article in Forbes Business Magazine (I know! - Forbes!) presents data that indicates that President Obama is the "best economic president in modern times". When his economic record (more than 64 straight months of job growth) is combined with the ending of 2 wars and providing health care to additional millions of Americans, it is apparent that we should be asking President Obama to serve a third term. I am not a great friend of the Republican Party, but it seems only fair to point out that fewer jobs, more wars and less health care may not be a winning strategy.
Knowing that Democrats traditionally are better stewards of the American economy, some may suggest that the conservative vote should be regulated in the interests of a better life for Americans. Should we shorten voting hours or restrict absentee voting or require some identification for conservatives? I think not...voter suppression was a bad idea when Republicans tried to make it more difficult for minorities and students to vote, and it is an equally bad idea to suppress the conservative vote for the sake of the economy. Ours is a democracy; there is no law that requires people to vote for their own best interest.
Economists would agree that the American economy is fundamentally strong, and it should be able to withstand an occasional Republican presidency so long as it is followed by a Democratic president to restore prosperity. While our recovery is real, it is fragile. It is probably too risky to change course in 2016, but there is no reason that voters could not at least consider a Republican president in 2024.
John Deitering

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