Five Maple Lake honorees at LEEA

Mark Schmitz, executive director of Resource Training & Solutions; Honoree Kris Harlan, MLE principal; Mark Redemske, superintendant; Tami Kohelmainen, 1st grade teacher; Jeanne Omvig, HS science teacher; Dave Hansen, MLHS principal; Karla Mavencamp, HS special ed. teacher; Tim Staloch, 4th grade teacher. (Photo submitted)

“We all know we are not in control of many situations. How we react to them is totally up to you. The difference between chaos and harmony can be directly related to the culture you have created in your classroom,” said Willow Sweeney. She was the keynote speaker at the Leadership in Educational Excellence (LEEA) event held on Wednesday, November 4, at the River’s Edge Convention Center in St. Cloud.

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