Brute’s Bleat January 20, 2016

After seeing a huge flock, or flocks of turkeys feeding in a harvested corn field south of Hasty and off the west side of County Road 8, I’m beginning to think hunting pheasants is the wrong species. Two of the turkeys were feeding fairly close to the road when I stopped to take a photo (below), but they didn’t waste any time doing the turkey trot to put some distance between us. I tried to get a head count and came up with thirty that I could see, but there were more hidden off to the south by a small knoll in the field, so I’d guess the total number was at least fifty birds. The turkeys have been feeding in that field for several days and I suspect they will continue until all the corn is gone or the snow gets too deep. There’s a number of unharvested corn fields in Wright County which should be a boon to wildlife. Thanks, guys!
* * *
This weekend’s four divisional football games came at an opportune time, opportune meaning it was too darn cold to do much of anything else but watch them on TV. I’d say Saturday night’s Arizona and Green Bay overtime game was a classic battle and the most exciting to watch. The Sunday Tribune’s headline “From Hail Mary to Hello Larry” was a classic in its own rite for the 26-20 Arizona win. Denver’s 23-16 win over Pittsburgh Sunday was another nail-biter. I’m going with Carolina over Arizona and New England over Denver as the Super Bowl teams for Feb. 7th.
* * *
The ice depth benefitted from the sub-zero weather over the weekend, but fishing apparently didn’t. I was on Granite Lake early last week and was surprized to see vehicles driving on the ice. I stopped to visit with a walleye angler out from the access who had driven out. He hadn’t caught any fish and he didn’t advise anyone to drive on Granite unless they knew something about that lake. He said it was one of the last lakes to freeze up. I drilled a bunch of holes from 7 ft. to 17 ft. and didn’t mark a fish in the 1 1/2 hours I was on the lake. . . On Saturday I called my brother, Charles, who lives just off Rush Lake in Ottertail County. He commented he kept 10 sunnies the last time out and suggested I ease my fishing frustrations inviting me to fish with him later this week. He said the ice in the bay he’s fishing was about 20 inches with not a whole lot of snow. We’ll give it our best efforts Wednesday and Thursday and by then the temps should be on the rise.

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