Legal Notice October 5, 2016

Adoption of Ordinance
No. 2016-01
The Board of Supervisors for the Town of Chatham, Wright County, Minnesota, hereby ordains that on the 13th day of September, 2016, the Chatham Township Board of Supervisors adopted the above Ordinance. Due to the lengthy content of the Ordinance, a brief Summary follows:
Section 1. Authority. Identifies the authorities used in preparation of said Ordinance.
Section 2. Policy. Identifies the purpose of the Ordinance.
Section 3. Definitions. Clarifies language used in the Ordinance.
Section 4. Applicability. Ordinance applies to all persons within the Township.
Section 5. Exclusion for Law Enforcement Officer and Defense of Persons. Ordinance does not apply to on-duty law enforcement officers and to a person defending their person or family.
Section 6. Discharge of Firearm. Prohibits the discharge of firearms within certain areas of the Township.
Section 7. Discharge of Firearm So as to Endanger. Prohibits the discharge of firearms within the Township that may endanger the health, safety or property of another.
Section 8. Discharge of Firearm at explosives. Prohibits the discharge of firearms at explosives within the Township.
Section 9. Penalties for Violation. Identifies the consequences for violation(s) of this Ordinance.
Section 10. Separability. Validity of the Ordinance should a provision be declared invalid.
Section 11. Repealer. Repeals any provisions of other Township ordinances that conflict with Ordinance.
Section 12. Effective date. Identifies the effective date of Ordinance.
Ordinance 2016-01, the “Firearm Discharge Ordinance,” shall take effect and be in full force immediately following its adoption and upon publication. A copy of the Ordinance can be viewed by contacting the Town Clerk at (612) 237-7996. An additional copy of the Ordinance will also be on file at the Buffalo Public Library, located at 18 Lake Blvd. NW, Buffalo, Minnesota 55313.
/s/ Tom Schuveiller, Chairman
Chatham Township
/s/ Jim Bischoff
Clerk, Chatham Township

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