Coming together in orange for Unity Day

MLHS staff wear orange for Unity Day. Front Row: Mary Beth Barder, Kim Fynboh, Celeste Dahlstrom, Rachael Dale and Dave Hansen. Middle Row: Eric Meyer, Steve Kosloski, Heather Haney, Stacy Cargill, Casey Pack, Ann Stuefen and Karla Mavencamp. Back Row: Ben Youngs, Dawn Hanson, Tana Fobbe and Debbie Stang.

MLE staff wear orange for Unity Day. Front Row: Lisa Weninger, Sue Hadler, Kim Grunau, Holly Schrupp, Margie Isaacson, Lea Abrahamson, Claire Austin, Carol Tongen, Jenn DesMarais-Holland, Diane Hertwig and Annie Jost. Middle Row: Katie McLeod, Kelly Seibert, Tami Kolehmainen, Wendy Bidwell, Amy Van Beusekom, Vicki Decker, Rhonda Carlson and Tim Staloch. Back Row: Kath Heffron, Chad Hammerschmidt, Trish Ludwig, Jodi Stecker, Ruth Deslauriers, Christin Kassulke, Rachel Hammerback, Eric Reger, Adam Ronnenberg, Sue Schmitz, Tanya Malwitz and Marty Kiebel.

Maple Lake Schools celebrated Unity Day in October! Students and staff wore orange as a sign of support. What does wearing orange today mean? It means that you decided to support Unity Day by being united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion, wanting to support peer or students experiencing bullying, that you care about safe and supportive schools and communities.

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