Brute's Bleat November 16, 2016

“Awesome” was the word I came up with to describe the Maple Lake High School Volleyball Team after they won the Class AA tournament Saturday afternoon. It’s a word that pretty well describes their performances as well in the two games prior to the final game (3-0) with Concordia-Academy. The team was really focused for their three games which is necessary to win and a credit to the girls for maintaining a winning attitude. I suspect their coach Marty Kiebel had a hand in keeping the girls on an even keel during the three day affair. My congratulations to each of you and thanks for bringing home a championship trophy for MLHS. . .
* * *
I may have voted for him but I was as stunned to see Donald Trump win the presidency as the TV news media appeared to be Tuesday night when it started to become obvious he would defeat Hillary Clinton. They seemed to have a look of bewilderment as the votes swung his way, something the polls hadn’t predicted. Since then a fraction of the people have taken to the streets in protest of Trump being elected and I suspect that will fall by the wayside in the days to come. Healing seems to be the issue now for a nation that went through one of the more brutal campaigns in its his history. Whatever your political affiliation is, a high school athlete, after losing in a Minnesota State High School basketball tournament, said in an interview, “I’m sure the sun will come up tomorrow.” . . . that also holds true for the Maple Lake Public Schools referendums which lost on election day. But, as any business-person, farmer, or housewife knows, it’s difficult to operate without adequate funding. You can bet there will be some unpopular cutting in the district’s budget, and even though the sun will come up every day, some of them will be more financially cloudy because of the vote.
* * *
If the deer hunters, especially those looking for a buck, are having difficulties this year, my efforts to find a pheasant rooster are similar. I’ve been out twice with Daryl Hennen the past week and he netted one cock and me none. In fact I haven’t fired my shotgun in the last three times out. Our first outing was last Wednesday when we both drew a zero. On Sunday we hunted southwest of Granite Falls. We each took an edge of a WMA (Wildlife Management Area) adjacent to harvested corn and I heard two shots from Hennen’s O/U and was hoping he had a double. Later I heard him fire twice again and thought maybe we’re through for the day as the limit is two birds apiece. That was not to be when we both got back to the vehicle and Hennen gave me a blow-by-blow report. He missed the first bird twice over some cattails that Bella flushed; and scored on the next rooster, which he felt may have been the same bird. He was impressed with Bella’s retrieve which was instant and complete when she brought the bird right to him. We saw a fair amount of hens, but only one rooster. One group of hens apparently was feeding late, after the golden hour, and flushed out of the harvested corn and road ditch as we were heading home, about 5:15 p.m. A couple of other oddities was seeing a kid skateboarding down the highway under the Super-Super Moon (Nov. 13) and later a coyote ran across the highway. Perhaps it was barking at the bright moon. Incidentally this is the first Super-Super moon since 1948 and it’s brightness made driving home less stressful. I would have been 16 back then, but I don’t remembering the large moon even though I enjoyed looking at the stars and constellations in the dead of night.
* * *
If the weather-people are correct in their forecasts we will have some rain by the weekend after an unusually warm fall. I still have some leaves to remove and hope to get that done before the weather changes. We noticed there were lots of farmers working Sunday and into Sunday night in an attempt to get the harvest and fall tilling completed. We went through Clarkfield and were amazed at the outdoor storage of corn that was taking place there despite a huge complex of storage bins. It looks like a bumper crop!

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