Michalick gives up school board seat after 30-plus years

After half a life-time on the Maple Lake School Board, Arnold (Arnie) Michalick calls it quits. Monday, Dec. 12, marked chairman Michalick’s last meeting. On Thursday, Jan. 12, he will receive a state honor from the Minnesota School Board Association. (Photo by Brenda Erdahl)

At 61-years old, Arnold (Arnie) Michalick has spent half of his life on the Maple Lake School Board.
That’s 366 regular monthly meetings, not counting the numerous special, committee and other extra sessions that come with such a position.
Of those years, he has been chairman for 20. He has signed the high school diplomas of all four of his children, and has been instrumental in monumental accomplishments such as building a new elementary school.

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