Maple Lake elementary school staff are inviting all Maple Lake elementary students and their families to our 2nd annual Arts-n-Academics family night on Tuesday, March 14th at the elementary building from 5:15-8 p.m.

The night begins with a pizza meal in the elementary cafeteria for $2.00 per person. The meal includes a slice of pizza, carrots, water and cookie. The SILENT AUCTION will run from 5:15-7:15 p.m. The profits from the SILENT AUCTION will go toward purchasing new books for our BOOK ROOM in the elementary.

Next...parents/guardians will be invited to select one of two speakers that will be located in the media center (library) and large group room from 6-6:25 p.m.. One speaker will present information to us on-THE IMPORTANCE of SLEEP (media center) and the other speaker will share some easy tips for parenting our kids-titled the NURTURED HEART APPROACH (large group room).
School-aged students will be left in the cafeteria to play BINGO or BOOKS while parents are at one of the two speakers.

6:35-7:00 p.m. Parents and students will come together to chose one STORYBOOK reader. The book reader's can be found in the primary hallway (classrooms K-3rd grade). They will be in costume as they read one book.

7:05-7:30 Each student will be allowed ONE activity where they will go with their family to make and take a finished project. Each assigned classroom will be labeled with a sign and only 20 students per room. Wrist bracelets will be handed out as you enter the room of your choice to ensure that only 20 kids are in each room. Activities range from making bird feeders, goop, t-shirt, design a book cover, art project, build a skyscraper with marshmallows and tooth picks, plant a flower, bead jewelry etc.

7:35-8 p.m. Math Games set up in the secondary hallway (classrooms 4-6th)-find a game that you want to play and join that group. Rooms will be labeled identifying the games set up in that particular room. Yahtzee, Sequence, King's corner, kindergarten math games, etc.

The evening will end with families checking out if their bid on the SILENT AUCTION and ONE door prize will be ANNOUNCED. A prize pack for a family of 4 (four movie tickets and $25 Culver's gift card)-must be present to WIN!!!!!!!!

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