Great sound, great seats, great value

The St. Michael Theater Megaplex is home to more than just a few movie theatres. Musicians such as Bobby Vandel and others put on concerts on a regular basis on this stage.

The lobby of the Megaplex is as impressive as its theaters. It comes complete with a full bar. (Photos by Bob Zimmerman)

Why would anyone put a music venue in a movie theater?
Tom Pickard, one of the owners of the Le Musique room, says the answer is simple. Theaters are built for sound and have better acoustic properties than most bars, night clubs and arenas. Adding the right electronics adjusted to accommodate stadium seating for 200 people and featuring talented local and nationally known performers showcases the benefit of music in a theater. Watching and listening to singer Bobby Vandel at a recent matinee generated several reactions in me, the first being "wow, this is great sound" during the first tune. "Rich and lush" crossed my mind often and I appreciated being able to understand every word of the lyrics to every song. Toe tapping to "Don't Be Cruel" was more fun when the words and music complemented instead of competed with each other. "Wow, this is great sound" played softly on the broken record in my head during the entire show.

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