Letter to the Editor November 8, 2017

To the Editor,
A private, for-profit company, Advanced Disposal, Inc. (ADS) headquartered in Florida, is proposing a landfill for Wright County. The Wright County Board of Commissioners will consider the request to rezone the land on which it would be located from Agricultural to Industrial on November 15th. A similar request was on the verge of denial just two years ago when ADS withdrew their application. This new request should be denied because it is not in the public interest and only for the benefit of this private company. The Northeast Quadrant (NEQ) Land Use Plan developed by the citizens of Wright County requires such spot zoning to “….only be made in the public interest, and not to benefit an individual or small group….”
It is obvious and undeniable that neighbors within two miles of the proposed new landfill will suffer loss of property value, and endure health and safety effects due to increased traffic, odor, noise, as well as a despoiled visual esthetic. The existing landfill is leaking Vinyl Chloride, a carcinogen. This zoning change will not benefit these citizens of Wright County. It will harm them.
Equally important, approving this new landfill will harm the rest of the citizens of Wright County, particularly future generations of citizens. Stockpiling garbage in a landfill is an example of a generational cost shift. This is no different than increasing the National Debt. Not only do we pass on the expense of dealing with our garbage to our children, but we pass along the environmental risk. To keep the environment safe from this stockpile of garbage, it must be maintained FOREVER. Not just ten, twenty or thirty years but FOREVER! Wright County citizens will be the accountable party of last resort even though they will contribute less than 6% of the garbage. As stated in their Environmental Impact Statement, the vast majority of refuse will come from outside of Wright County.
Please call write of e-mail your County Commissioner and ask them to vote to deny approval of this rezoning change just as they were about to do before. It is the same request and should receive the same outcome.
Mark Rise, PhD
Jeff Young

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